Monster Films is a house of production specialized in festivals and competitions.

Study Cases

Our team has a solid background with years of experience in video cases to all kinds of festivals. We know the language, aesthetics and all requirements to make sure your idea get into the game for the major communication awards in the world.

Mood Films

We are also experts on mood films for competition and presentations. You bring in the concept and some ideas and we work with them to create the perfect final manifesto that will leave your client impressed and make sure you get that account.

Layout Film

It is a film produced with images that were selected through creative research. It is a sequence of film from different sources seeking a unity. The main purpose of this project is to be faithful to the original script, so that it will be closest as possible to the future film. It is used in competition and presentations.

Creative Research

Are you missing a reference? Monster Films also has an exclusive creative research core to support your team with the best references for your film/movie/vídeo, be it a mood film, a layout film or a vídeo case.


Your storytelling has to be exciting and engaging. That's why we have a team of great storytellers to edit your script project, always aiming at its purpose regardless of media type or format.

Film Editing

We edit and finish up any project that needs that final touch that makes all the difference in the final result.

Monster Films

Films for advertinsing festivals, competitions and presentations.

Monster Films produces a lot of cool stuff. Our main focus are festivals, competitions and presentations. For many years we’ve been working with the biggest international agencies, as well as the greatest Brazilian agencies. Our study cases have won all the major advertising festivals in the world. We provide outstanding services to garantee that our clients are satisfied with the results they get.

Monster News

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